AIR MILES® Reward Program

We offer AIR MILES® reward miles on select services. Another great reason to choose us, and earn AIR MILES® reward miles…there’s never been a better time to replace or repair your roof or renovate your home or fix that old deck.

Call us today!AIR MILES® reward miles are offered at Delta Roof Repair , a division of Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors Ltd.

Base Offer: Earn 1 reward mile per $40 spent on home renovation/roofing services.

We believe that professionalism is the most important part of the industry. If you need roof repair, or if you need your house re-roofed, we can send a technician out to take care of it with all possible speed. Here’s a bit more about what we do.

Roof Repair
It’s just a fact that your roof can sustain damage over time. Some of it is normal wear and tear, and some of it can be from an accident, or from weather such as a tree falling on your house, or sustained precipitation like rain, hail, snow or anything else that can wear down a roof. Regardless of how damage occurs, we can help repair it and make your roof good as new again.

Sometimes the damage a roof sustains is so severe that the only thing to do is go back and fix the entire thing from the bottom up, re-roofing the house. This is a process that we can perform for you as well. Sometimes the old roof just has to go, either because of damage, or because the material suddenly needs to be different, or because the look needs to be different.

Regardless of the reason, we can come make this happen for you quickly and easily without any extra hassle so you can rest assured it will be done thoroughly and with complete professionalism.

We specialize in helping you with your home specifically, and we have plenty of experience making sure that your home is repaired and handled with the utmost care since it’s somewhere that you actually live, we understand that this isn’t just another building to you. As a result, we try to keep this in mind whenever we’re performing any residential jobs to make sure that everything is done correctly and with proper care given for the nature of the house.

We also have experience with roofing for businesses. After all, his is your livelihood and something that you’ve worked hard on. We understand this and work to make sure that the roofing experience for commercial buildings is up to the proper excellence expected not only from you, the owners, but also from your customers and business associates that need to use the building on a regular basis.

If a new roof needs to be installed, or if a roof needs to be installed for the first time, we can also handle this particular task as well. As with all of the work we do, we work to make sure we get everything right the first time to avoid extra hassle.