Re-Roofing - Residential & Commercial

Are you looking for a re-roofing company in Delta, BC? If yes you have found them. As one of the best roof replacement companies in the area, we have helped many property owners replace their roofs. Roofs can easily be damaged by bad weather and falling debris. In many cases, installing a new roof is necessary simply because of wear and tear over time. Whatever your reason, we have the experts on hand to get your new roof in fast and affordably.

We insist that you don’t wait too long before you call us for a new roof. A damaged roof is a hazard – it can collapse and injure those underneath it. It also exposes assets within the building and can lead to losses. Furthermore, a roof that is in disrepair reduces the value of the property. That is why getting in experts like us without any delay is critical.

There are several reasons why we are the preferred re-roofing company in the area. The first is our expertise – we have hired only the best technicians and they always do an excellent job. We offer guarantees for all our jobs so you can be assured that we will do the best we can. The second reason why so many people come to us is that we are affordable – roofs are expensive and we don’t want to charge our clients more than we should. We are also happy to advice our clients when they need it – not everyone knows a lot about roofs so we make sure that our clients understand what is required.

Residential Re-roofing Delta

Many homes in the area are old and require new roofs. We have worked on homes all over Delta replacing roofs and doing repairs where necessary. If you are not sure whether your home needs a new roof just give us a call; we will send an expert over to do an assessment for free. Safety comes first in all re-roofing jobs that we undertake.

Commercial Re-Roofing Delta

Your business is important; you want all the assets within, including your employees, to always have a safe roof over their heads. We have replaced roofs in shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, government buildings and more. We work fast to ensure that there is minimal disruption to business. We also clean up all debris after we are done.

Get your roof repair done fast, safely and affordably by calling us today at 604-256-7232.